Social Media and Branding

Knowing the very first step in branding. If your goal is to sell products, gain subscribers, persuade people to your cause, they have to know who you are in the first place. That is the most important thing.

Research from Econsultancy shows that 71 percent of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media in 2017 to reach new followers and build brand reputation.

Branding isn’t just for corporations. It can also apply to an individual item or person. The age of digital presence marketing has become a little bit difficult while having a personal or brand is now more important than ever.

Social media has made locating a business you want to deal with easier So it is left for you to build a reputation and communicate with the consumers.

However, not all social media platforms can fit into your branding. You need to choose carefully the one that fits into your brand perfectly. You don’t want to be everywhere without making an impact and building your brand.

Why not start with two platforms? Facebook and Twitter are great platforms that can be used to promote any brand online because of the varied user base. Social media has grown into an incred-inline-blockle opportunity for business owners, but it has also become more complicated. So, it will be reasonable to start with 1 or two social media platforms and you can grow from there. The thought of achieving all you want for your brand on every single social network available can be overwhelming for a business owner. But you can relax: you don’t have to be active on all of them.

Since each social media network is different and requires different content, different kinds of engagement, and different activity altogether. Meaning that you can just pick an image that has been formatted for Twitter and post it on Google+, Instagram or even Facebook.

Here are 4 things to consider when choosing a social network for your brand.

  1. Understand your goals: Launching and maintaining a social presence takes a lot of ongoing effort. Do you want to use social media to push traffic to your website? Provide customer service? Drive direct conversions? Answering these questions will go a long way toward helping you home in on the best platforms for your needs. Understanding this will help you to know what content and strategy to use.
  2. Be committed: How committed are you going to be because each platform requires a certain level of commitment for it to thrive and begin to yield positive results. And if you must hire to commit, then do.


  1. Evaluate your options: Each social platform has the unique strategy that works on it to help you be successful. Let us look at 3 from the pool of social platforms;


  • Facebook is where people come to connect with their friends. So, conversation on this should be personal and friendly. It is more for promoting your brand than actual selling.
  • Twitter is an ongoing conversation that, like text messaging, has become widely popular. Mostly for breaking news, big reveals, and fast-paced conversation. So be ready for stream-like conversation. The engagement on this platform is demanding and you must be physically and mentally prepared.
  • Instagram is for sharing photos, short videos and memes. It’s great for brand building, it can also be a good way to showcase your company culture, engage your employees.


  1. Go to where your target audience hangs out: You must know exactly who your target audience is and what they care about. Where they spend most of their time. This means you must make use of analytics and read up about data and how it affects target group.


  1. Provide valuable and shareable content: you’ll create a much stronger brand reputation if you focus on creating useful content that viewers will want to share. Don’t be afraid to use visual content.  Image content gets over 94% of views


  1. Focus your effort: Like said earlier you don’t have to be everywhere. Choose your platform and focus your energy to reflect your brand values.


Branding is not just about building your audience, producing great content and staying updated in the online market. You need to socialize and talk to your consumers in order to build trust and authority to perform well above your competitors and complete your equation.

When you are relatively a small brand, publish killer content and branding through it will take time. You need to take a faster approach to influence your audience quickly so that your voice is not lost in the noise.

Choose one that you’ll be able to do easily, consistently and joyfully. At AlphaReach we can take that burden off you. Click here to talk to us.



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